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Consultant Clinical Psychologists

Why visit us?

Common reasons for coming to see us include:

Problems /issues individuals typically want assistance with -

 Dealing with a life crisis or significant change.

 Coping with interpersonal and organizations matters at work.

 Dealing with anxiety, depression, distress, worry and emotional reactivity.

 Managing illness, sleep and pain symptoms.

 Coping with relationship issues (teens, partners, colleagues or relations).

 Managing a variety of self-abuse behaviours.

 Dealing with trauma and other incidents.


In addition to working with individuals and couples, we also provide assistance for employees and organizations -

 Work in small groups for employees, using education and interactive learning.

 Conflict resolution services for organizations.

 Mentoring for managers.

 Supervision for clinicians and other professionals.

 Critical incident debriefing.

 Clinical assessment of individuals for the legal profession and organizations.


If you would like further information about any of our services, or are unsure whether it is appropriate for you to come and see one of us, feel free to contact us so we can help you.