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Consultant Clinical Psychologists

About us

We are a  group of clinically trained psychologists with a specialist registration.

We all have post-graduate qualifications and extensive experience in a range of assessment and treatment modalities. These are the tools of our trade.

What is a clinical psychologist? At a practical level, clinical psychologists are like ‘mechanics’ for mind, mood , behavioural and relationship problems. They analyse the problem , then look for solutions or modifications of the problem with ongoing feedback from, and participation of, those person/s being seen.

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To contact us:


Primary Business Address: 86 Pharazyn St, Lower Hutt 5010, New Zealand

Second Consulting Office: 32 Mulgrave St, Thorndon, Wellington , New Zealand

Postal Address: PO Box 30918, Lower Hutt 5040, New Zealand


Phone: +64 4 566 4078

Fax: +64 4 566 4557